18:15 Friday 30 November 2012

Canterbury enjoy their rocking year


IT was a long time coming but Surrey rockers Canterbury released a highly-acclaimed second album this year and hit the stage throughout the area this week.


Canterbury have achieved success off their own back, touring extensively after giving away first album Thank You for free through their own label to get their message out to the masses.

It has been worth it though with 2012 proving to be a breakthrough year for the band and their more polished second album has proved a hit with critics and their loyal following.

Frontman Luke Prebble told the Mail: “It has been amazing looking back. At the beginning of the year it looked like it might be a bit of a struggle, but from the tour at the beginning of the year to the album and now to this tour it has been great.

“We are incredibly proud of the record. It has been a long time coming for us but we wouldn’t put anything out that we were not 100 per cent happy with.

“To have got the response we have had from the music press and from the fans has been massive for us.”

The band’s second album Heavy in the Day is a huge evolution from the schoolboy sound of Canterbury’s debut.

“The album is a big step forward,” Prebble said. “The first album was written while we were all still sitting around in school and the songs were more about just storytelling about what was going on in our lives.

“This one, lyrically, is a lot more personal and about the experiences we have gone through and our position as young adults forging a path for ourselves.

“Musically we have just become better musicians after three years of playing together and touring so we’ve been able to put together a much more mature album.”

Canterbury tour from this week until mid- December across the UK taking in Wolverhampton, Stoke and Leicester on their travels.

Prebble said they were looking forward to giving the new material a proper airing at last.

He said: “We’ve just come off tour with Deaf Havana playing the new stuff and that went down well.

“It’s much more fun to play the new songs as it can become stagnant playing the same old tunes.

“We kind of consider this headline tour coming up as the first real tour to promote this album and we’ve now got two albums worth of material to choose from so it is really exciting.”

Looking to the future the band’s DIY policy of releasing their music looks set to continue but Prebble is not closing any doors yet.

He said: “At the moment the plan is still to release music ourselves. After Heavy in the Day we have the infrastructure to do that with Streamline Records which we set up ourselves.

“It is a great thing to be in control like we are but there are certain hindrances when four guys in a band are running a label instead of 100 people in an office somewhere.

“We’ve not shut the door to working with another label to release our music but our main aim is to get our music out to as many people as possible.”

Canterbury play Wolverhampton Little Civic on Monday, December 3, Stoke Sugarmill on Wednesday, December 5 and Leicester O2 Academy 3 on Saturday, December 8. Tickets from £7 are available from www.seetickets.com or from the venues.

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