12:51 Wednesday 15 January 2014

Brought to tears as Ghost hits Stoke


GHOST has to be among the most iconic films of all time so you would think the stage show may not live up to the high expectations the film brings with it.

But you would be very wrong.

The musical, on at Stoke Regent Theatre until tomorrow, tells the tale of love, loss and murder and nothing is lost in the transition from film to the stage.

Ghost tells the story of Sam who is trapped as a ghost between this world and the next. He is trying to communicate with girlfriend Molly through a phony psychic in the hope of saving her from his murderer.

The show itself has been very cleverly put together and the special effects really are incredible to watch. One particular moment which sticks in mind is when Sam is learning how to get through doors and the audience can literally see his hand disappear through it.

Also when a character dies and the ghost leaves the body, the dummy is brought out seamlessly so it takes a moment for the audience to realise they are dead.

The lighting was also used to show the difference between the living and the dead with the ghosts made to appear very white while the living appeared in warm colours which really made the show more believable.

It is not very often something can bring me to tears (particularly in the middle of a public place) but this show did have me trying to hide the tears as you see a young woman grieving for the loss of the love of her life – and I know that I wasn’t the only one as I could hear others sniffling behind me.

The one thing I was a little disappointed with (and I mean only a little) was the iconic scene with Molly making a pot. I thought it was a little overlooked considering it was such a huge part of the film but it took nothing from the show.

Stewart Clarke and Rebecca Trehearn were incredible with obvious stage chemistry in their roles as Sam and Molly and Wendy Mae Brown was hysterical as Oda Mae Brown, bringing all the characteristics Whoopi Goldberg brought to the original film.

This has to be among one of the best shows I have seen and is definitely not one to miss for fans of the film. The audience could not get off their seats quick enough for a standing ovation.

Tickets are still available at www.atgtickets.com/shows/ghost/regent-theatre

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