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Off the wall – alternative ways with wallpaper

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: January 08, 2013

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If you lust after designer wallpaper but find yourself wincing at the price of your favourite print, we may have the solution. Treat yourself to one special roll and make a little go a long way…

Wallpaper use 1: Show off your shelving

Who says bookshelves have to be plain old white or boring wood? Interior blog Décor Adventures shows how you can get creative and turn your unit into a work of art. Once you’ve finished, dress your shelves with some well-placed ornaments and arty-looking books.

  1. Empty out your bookcase and lay it flat on the floor, face down. 

  2. Prise off the back board using a screwdriver and pliers.  

  3. Place the back board on your wallpaper and cut around it. You can always cut a little more wallpaper than you need and trim it off afterwards.

  4. Put paste on backboard, then place the wallpaper on it. You’ll have a few minutes to get it in the perfect position then, when you’re happy, use a ruler to smooth it down.

  5. Wait for it to dry, using books to weight it down.

  6. Hammer your nails back in.

Wallpaper use 2: Liven up those lampshades

Don’t throw out those tired old lampshades. A bit of wallpaper and some TLC can transform them into new focal features to update any room.

  1. Measure the height and circumference of the shade you want to cover. Cut out your wallpaper in those dimensions, adding 2cm to the circumference. Remember that if your wallpaper has any interesting motifs on it, make sure they’re in the middle.

  2. Apply your paste to a small section of the shade, starting at the seam.

  3. Place your wallpaper on the paste, smoothing it out with your hand.

  4. Repeat the pasting and smoothing until you go all the way round to the seam again. Then fold under 1cm of the excess to create a neat fold, and glue this in place.

  5. Leave to dry completely.

Wallpaper use 3: Prettify your home office

Does your home office let you down in the style stakes? Then make it an inspiring place to work once more by creating personalised pen holders for your desk.

  1. Wash out some aluminium cans and remove the labels carefully.

  2. Use the label as a template to cut out the right size of wallpaper.

  3. Use double-sided tape to stick the wallpaper to the tin.

Wallpaper use 4: Give your walls the wow factor

Large wall art can be expensive, as can papering a whole room in designer print. Blogger Thrifty Décor Chick has combined these two ideas into one method that’s as easy on the eye as it is on your pocket, covering three large canvasses in flocked paper for fabulous effect. How she did it is outlined below. Alternatively, simply cut out and frame small pieces of your favourite paper – flea market and charity shop finds can help create a unique eclectic look.

  1. Wet the wallpaper then stretch it tight around the canvas.

  2. Staple or tape the wallpaper around the canvas, like you’re wrapping up a present.

  3. Smooth out any air bubbles then wait for it to dry.

  4. Add some wire to the back of the canvas. Hang it on your wall.

Wallpaper use 5: Transform your chairs

Give battered and chipped kitchen and dining room stools a makeover with your favourite prints.

  1. Give the stool a good scrub using sugar soap.

  2. Trim your wallpaper to a size that roughly covers the seat of the stool. Apply wallpaper glue to the seat, then place the wallpaper on it. Wipe it down to remove any air bubbles.

  3. Let it dry, then, using a Stanley knife, trim all the edges and cut out any holes in the middle of your stool.

  4. Apply a clear varnish, then leave to dry before using.

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