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Watch: Near miss between lorries in Yoxall shows serious 'traffic nightmare'

By Kit_Sandeman  |  Posted: February 16, 2017

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Lorries thundering through a small Staffordshire village are causing concern for residents, who have said that not enough is being done to divert them onto the A38. The Yoxall Traffic Action Group (YTAG) has said more should be done to stop the HGVs using the A515, which the group say are mounting pavements and putting people's lives at risk.

The road runs almost parallel with the A38, and some drivers are using is as a cut through to get to the A50 towards Stoke and the M6, while others are legitimately using it to access businesses in the area, according to the group.

The road comes off the A38 near Lichfield and the M6 Toll, and passes through Yoxall and Draycott in the Clay on its way to joining the A50 at Sudbury.

Nick Whitwell, speaking on behalf of YTAG, said a report commissioned by the council itself found that the lorries: "Are dangerous; the road is not fit for purpose; that the noise is well above acceptable limits; it is causing stress, sleep deprivation and angst for the people living in the affected villages.

"I am sure that there are many similar issues in Staffordshire but what makes this different is that it is so easily rectified by the introduction of the 7.5 tonne weight limit, to which no objections have been raised by either highways or the police."

The development comes after Staffordshire County Council set up the Road Freight Forum, which is designed to get involved stake holders such as parish councils, the Highways Agency and freight companies talking.

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However YTAG said the setting up of the group just after the report was published was insulting, and that what was needed was action rather than more talking.

Mr Whitwell continued: "Staffordshire County Council has taken the decision to bury the specific issue of the A515 in a talking shop, covering a wide range of topics, most of which are not related to this specific issue.

"I cannot believe anybody is seriously suggesting that there is any reason why lorries cannot use the A38 at night – this is a dual carriageway specifically designed for high-volume traffic and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs)

"There is no significant cost or access implication to even consider. topping the traffic would transform people's lives. A full restriction could be evaluated in a month, and we are happy to help in an objective and enthusiastic manner.

"What we require from Mark Deaville and Philip Atkins is a clear action plan with time scales and responsibilities. A serious accident is going to happen and we need action now."

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Staffordshire County Council's highways and transport leader Mark Deaville said: "We believe setting up the freight forum has been a positive step forward in looking to address some of the complex issues resulting from HCVs' use of Staffordshire roads.

"As we have stated before this is a national issue and we did not set up the forum to focus on one road – this has to be about all affected communities in Staffordshire. We must all recognise there are particular issues where traffic comes off trunk roads and we all understand there are no easy solutions.

"However we have the right organisations around the table and all are striving to ensure our communities and businesses understand each other. The issues cannot be resolved by the county council alone and the forum will also do all it can to make Staffordshire's voice heard at government level, both directly and through our MPs."

But not all those are in favour of banning lorries from the road, but are in favour of speed restrictions instead, with some businesses depending on the trade.

Business owners such as Wendy Coxon, who has run PJs Cafe at the Sudbury Services for 10 years, said that a weight restriction would destroy her business.

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Speaking to the Burton Mail, she said: "I would be out of business. The residents should look at the road before they buy a house there.

"It is like buying a house near an airport and then complaining about the noise. A speed restriction from 60mph to 40mph is absolutely needed as there are so many near misses here."

Nigel Powlson, owner of the Post Office in Draycott, also raised concerns about a weight restriction.

He said: "Safety and speed issues concern everybody who lives on the A515 but as the owner of a business, any form of weight restriction would have an economic impact on the businesses that have grown up on the road. Instead there should be a reduction in the speed limit, from 40mph to 30pmh."

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  • Brianstocks  |  February 18 2017, 12:37AM

    This road has been designated as a major trunk road for decades ("A" road). How ever due to the potentially dangerous situation owing to at least three narrow sharp blind bends on it's passage through Yoxall village a bye pass should have been built years ago when money was available for such projects this would have not only made a safer road but would have had a physical benefit to the village and it's occupants.

    |   1
  • PilotPete  |  February 17 2017, 1:29PM

    FAKE news headlines, I did not see any thundering g lorries!

    |   2
  • Arrowman  |  February 17 2017, 7:08AM

    I think the significant factor here is that this road is an A road - it's been an A road for as long as I can remember. If you choose to live on an A road then by its very nature it's going to be a very busy road. If you want to live in a sleepy little village like Ambridge on the Archers then move to a sleepy little village that doesn't have an A road running through the middle of it. Plenty of people always ready to knock the HGV. Always a good headline isn't it. I wonder if some of the HGV's were there to repair all the potholes that people are constantly (quite rightly) complaining about. or in fact delivering to shops and businesses without which none of us could exist. Open season for the perpetually offended yet again

    |   8
  • donttakethep  |  February 17 2017, 1:04AM

    I was nearly run off the road by one reported it to police but they did not care it's about time something was done there going over bridges unsuitable and when they know they should not be .

    |   -4
  • Brianstocks  |  February 17 2017, 12:21AM

    Admittedly this road is not really suitable for large HGV's. However this was NOT a so called near miss as the headline suggested by the head line. Obviously both drivers knew exactly what the situation was and took appropriate action to enable both of these vehicles to pass without any danger. Neither driver had to take evasive action to avoid a collision. However as I said this road is not really suitable for large HGV's but why try to make a drama out of something that was not!!

    |   6


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