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Burton warehouse hunting for 1,600 new employees

By Burton Mail  |  Posted: July 30, 2014

JOBS BOOST . . . Mindaugas Jasiumasaite, Loreta Juranecaite, Canel McManus, Jessica Ford, Kelly Bailey, Boots.com warehouse manager David Rice and Laura Sherratt of the GI Group.

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BURTON has been given a 'huge boost' as a national brand revealed it hopes to hire 1,600 people to fill new seasonal vacancies at its warehouse.

Burton MP Andrew Griffiths called the news 'fantastic' and said he hoped it would lead to more permanent roles in future.

Local recruitment company Gi Group is looking to hire 800 people to fill temporary seasonal vacancies at Boots' Burton Service Centre, in Centrum 100, while a second recruitment company will try to hire another 800.

Mr Griffiths said: "I think this is fantastic news for the Burton economy and shows the continuing strength of workplace businesses and logistics that have located in the town.

"While these jobs are temporary, they are a great way back into the workplace and I think it will be a huge boost for many local people and could lead to permanent roles. The next challenge for us is to ensure we have enough people with the right skills for these jobs."

Chris Else, president of Burton Chamber of Commerce, agreed. He said: "Seasonal vacancies are a great way for people to find work and to impress potential long-term employers.

"The fact the Gi Group is recruiting for so many vacancies at the moment is great news for local people, local businesses and the Burton economy."

The service centre supports the boots.com offering order processing, as well as the Christmas gift ranges and international product distribution, and so has increased activity leading up to the busy Christmas period.

A variety of roles are available including administrators, pickers, parcel packers, low level truck picking and reach/fork lift truck drivers with flexible hours and mixed shift patterns. They will be located at the site in Parkway.

David Rice, Burton business manager for Boots.com, said: "This is an exciting time of the year for Boots as we can now offer 1,600 temporary positions due to our expanding dotcom operation.

"We offer competitive rates of pay, training opportunities and various shift patterns."

Positions are available for interview immediately.

Anyone who is interested should email their CV to: burton.sms@ gigroup.com

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  • stew2014  |  August 03 2014, 12:18PM

    is good news but as I was there last year hardly any of the jobs will go perm. and the low pay 6 day week with no incentives isn't good. always in the fear if you couldn't work a day they would let you go as often did happen

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  • comeonyouclarets  |  August 02 2014, 10:33AM

    Yet again, Griffiths peddles his party's lies and The Mail reports them without any question or deeper examination. Journalism at its weakest, laziest and most dangerous. Even this Wednesday's Sun had the decency to accept and state categorically that "workers' wages "will have slumped by the largest amount since the 1870's by the next election".... Yes folks, that's the 1870's !!! And useless fools like our MP are still allowed to feather their own nests while busily wrecking the prospects of millions of real workers. Come on, Mail, let's have a bit of courage and integrity, just for once.

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  • Porterboy  |  July 31 2014, 8:34PM

    Oh yes, and try to get in via the 'other' agency usually am2pm their workers are often kept on longer into the new year as they are the inhouse agency at boots.com. Gi's contract could end mid January as did randstad's last year and they and their workers will be finished and off site then.

    |   2
  • Porterboy  |  July 31 2014, 8:02PM

    Don't be fooled either by the £200 'bonus' if you work the bank holiday days and Christmas weeks, it is paid in late January and guess what? The agency lays you off the week befoire its paid! So don't bother working the hols . Work on dot com too, you get a longer contract than 'christmas' section which ends on Christmas eve., and don't expect to be taken on permanantly, the dot com side dies in the new year and the majority are laid off.

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  • mattlong  |  July 31 2014, 6:16PM

    The real and human consequences of the casualization of labour as forecast by Marx in the nineteenth century are captured in the experiential account which Josh provides below.

    |   2
  • JoshD23  |  July 30 2014, 9:38PM

    Our MP thinks this is good for the town I disagree. After recently gaining employment from one similar warehouse in the local area, through an employment agency. I was left very disheartened when 25 minutes before my shift was to start I was told not to turn up. Nonetheless, as I was close to work I showed up and was left very confused when I was told without explanation my contract had been cancelled in addition I was also escorted out of the building without any justification. At the time of writing this nearly a week later and after numerous attempts to call the agency. I still have no clarification as to why my contract was cancelled which leaves me feeling demoralised and disappointed. 1600 jobs at boots may appear to be 'fantastic' however, having being employed on a zero hour contract I beg to differ! Thoughts Mr Griffiths?

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  • Ian789  |  July 30 2014, 8:00PM

    And how many hours will these 1600 hypothetical people get per week !!! and how many of the 1600 will be free labour from the job seekers

    |   6
  • PointingWest  |  July 30 2014, 8:42AM

    While it's always good news more people will be working in the run up to Christmas, the mass recruitment drives for "seasonal work" is just another symptom of the casualisation of the bottom rungs of employment that has already happened. The strength of an economy should be measured by how many full time, permanent jobs are created not these zero hour contract, poorly paid temporary roles. Not to mention the pressures people are under to have a good Christmas, which for many will be the primary motive for taking one of these jobs, there is the financial void left in the new year when suddenly you're back at the job centre! It's all too easy for those with 5, 6 figure salaries to preach fiscal responsibility when they aren't in that unenviable position of pressure and limited resources themselves.

    |   14
  • AndyBettridge  |  July 30 2014, 8:08AM

    Yes it's great news that so many jobs are being created but the test will come later on. How many of these roles will lead to permanent positions? Time will tell.

    |   10