A discount fashion store has opened in Burton town centre – and shoppers could get their hands on designer clothing for as little as £5.

Discount Fashion Direct, a cut-price retail outlet, is celebrating its official launch today on Saturday, December 2.

The bargain busting store specialises in Jack & Jones clothing for men and Only clothing for women – knocking as much as 70 per cent off the original retail price.

Stephen and Georgie outside the store

It comes after the successful launch of two stores in Stoke and Scunthorpe, all thanks to Debenhams.

The reduced garments are leftover stock from Debenhams' Blue Cross Sale and are then sold on at Discount Fashion Direct, in High Street, instead of being thrown away.

Stephen Hiscox, Discount Fashion Direct promoter, thinks the stores initiative is a brilliant idea.

Jack & Jones on offer for just £5

He said: "I think it's absolutely wicked. We've come in and we've done this so quickly.

"All the building work was done in three days, so it was a bit of a rush but it just kind of happened. It just flowed to the point where we were ready to open so we just went ahead with it."

Georgie Thompson, 21, who manages the store, said: "Its the pricing that makes it worth it.

The store has both men and women's clothing

"The coats we have in at the moment sell in Debenhams for over £80 and we have them for £20.

"You can't really argue with getting designer clothes for under half price. Hopefully the store will turn into a chain. We hope expansion rates will take it that far."

Discount Fashion Direct can be found next to Natwest in High Street, Burton.